About Sarcastic Guitars

Formerly Scar Guitars,We have recently changed our branding due to some confusion with another builder.

One of a kind pro-grade guitars crafted exclusively in Jennerstown, PA.  We use the highest quality lumber from the local Southwestern Pennsylvania area and mechanics that match the sound you want to achieve.  We focus on the finest design details and playability.  Elevate your sound with a Sarcastic Guitar that looks incredible, shines on a stage and plays like a dream.  Your custom Sarcastic guitar will be tailored to you and the only one like it in the world.


We've made it fun, efficient and affordable for people to design, purchase and play their very own pro-grade custom guitar.


We use only the best quality electrical components and pickups such as,


Seymour Duncan


Tone Hatch (www.tonehatch.com )


We physically go to our lumber supplier and choose each piece based on the appearance and needs of the customer.

Sassafras and Butternut have excellent sound qualities, and are native to Western Pennsylvania.

We often cap these woods with a maple (Spalted,Curly,Birdseye) to add beauty to the tone.

Mahogany is always a favorite and can be capped or left as solid.

Our “Barnboard” guitars are made from locally sourced barn siding, flooring and beams. Making this lumber over 100 years old and very stable. We intentionally leave things like nail holes, nails and knots intact to add to the character.


This is the fun part !We build our guitars either one at a time or in small batches with an eye towards quality.No CNC equipment involved, we build them the old fashioned way!

If you are looking for something in particular please let us know!


I've known Sean Carnahan over 40 years - we started our first band in the 80’s, and have remained friends through my 20 years of active duty service and the geographical separation that remains to this day. I knew when Sean started building guitars I had to have one. He has a solid professional foundation and years of experience in finish carpentry, and has developed into a first rate luthier. My SCAR custom telecasters are by far the best playing and sounding guitars I own. The detail and craftsmanship Sean puts into each guitar is second to none. He carefully creates well-made gorgeous guitars that play like a dream and sound great. Sean has his craft down and he does it right. J. Schell, Cross River Junction Band

John Schell

I got my barncaster from Sean in the summer of 2021. Scar Guitars had a booth at a festival we were playing, and Sean was kind enough to let me take the guitar on stage with me during our set. I really hadn't planned on buying another guitar, but just a few days later that barncaster was mine! The craftsmanship and quality of that guitar rival much more expensive instruments, even Fender custom shop stuff. It punches way above its weight class. Roasted flame maple neck, classic barn wood body, quality hardware. And the Tone Hatch pickups are the best I've tried. I rotate through a number of different guitars, depending on the gig. The barncaster is one that is always with me.

Kevin McCarthy, Pittsburgh Pa